4D Global Energy Advisors S.A.S. (4D GEA) is a Paris-based Alternative Investment Fund Manager that specialises in the energy sector. The company was formed in 2002 to establish private equity funds investing in the hydrocarbon value chain, assisting their portfolio companies in the implementation of their financial strategy.

Since 2003 4D GEA has managed a series of private equity funds dedicated to bringing development capital to underpin the growth of small to medium-sized companies active in the hydrocarbons value chain. The 4D funds provide capital to established companies and as an active shareholder invest across the value chain, bringing capital and expertise to each of the upstream, midstream, downstream and technology and services segments of the oil and gas industry.

4D was formed to bring capital and strategic support to a small number of existing private companies with robust fundamentals and exceptional position value in their respective segment of the oil and gas value chain.

The 4D Funds invest typically US$ 10 - 50 million, generally as equity. 4D may structure its investments through equity-related instruments at least in the early stage of its investments where these better protect the interests of our investors.

Portfolio companies are established businesses in a development stage, have demonstrable achievements in their business and managers with successful experience in both growth and downturn situations. As a pre-condition to its involvement, the Fund, and the portfolio company's management and shareholders have a shared objective of taking the company through a step-change in growth and/or shareholding structure during the period of the Fund's investment.

Portfolio companies combine strong potential for organic growth, a clear view on why they wish to have the Fund invest, represent attractive position value for other players in the industry, and have or adopt a well-articulated strategy for generating value for shareholders as well as management.

The 4D Funds have no fixed holding period but plan an average investment hold period of 3 - 6 years. The funds are closed-ended Irish variable capital investment companies with an initial term of 10 years. They will generally not invest in situations that:

  • are adversarial to management and board
  • depend solely on the performance of future exploration activity
  • are properties or assets rather than companies with management teams
  • are greenfield project finance ventures
  • are commodities trading, shipping and petrochemical businesses

4D has a leading European position. However given the global nature of the industry 4D may invest outside Europe and the OECD, including emerging markets where country risk is acceptable or has been structured for.

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