4DIGITAL is 4D's latest initiative stemming from 4D's continuous exposure to the energy sector and appetite for paradigm-changing technological innovation.

Industries such as Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy, Education, Government or Defense, producing massive amounts of operational data, are the most demanding for breakthrough innovative digital solutions as they need to:

  • address the complexity of natural systems (vs. blueprint industrial plants and processes) through the deterministic application of physics/biology/..
  • deliver Predictive and/or Real Time operational- and decision making- tools from the C-suite to the end-user providing user-focused data services

Mathematics, Modeling, Advanced Algorithm and High Performance Computing innovation developed in such contexts can be deployed across many domains and industry verticals.

4Digital's objective is to offer next-gen software & application innovation companies, delivering leading AI/ML products and services in their respective industrial domains, a platform to promote cross-fertilization and synergies and raise funding under a common governance.