Current Investments
Initial Investment: June 2013 (Fund III)

Founded in 2008, ORS International Limited provides integrated drilling and completion fluids services and waste management solutions and equipment to clients in Middle East, North Africa, Mexico and the United States.

Initial Investment: February 2013 (Fund III)

Aladdin Middle East Ltd is an independent oil and gas company formed in 1962 by a Turkish entrepreneur and an American independent oil investor. The company holds a balanced portfolio of exploration and production assets in conventional and non-conventional basins in Turkey. 4D is the first institutional investor joining the two founding investors and becomes the second largest shareholder.

Initial investment: January 2013 (Fund III)

Rosehope Limited (formerly Lampogas) was a diversified industrial group consisting of 1) Lampogas, a 60-year old market leader in liquid petroleum gas (LPG) sales and distribution in northern and central Italy which was sold to Autogas Nord in January 2019, 2) Dulevo, a top manufacturer of high-performance road sweepers with a premium brand and global presence which was sold to the Fayat Group in May 2021, and 3) a chemicals division composed of 2 companies (Settala Gas and Synthesis Chimica) involved in the processing of LPG into specialty chemical gases for refrigeration and aerosols.

Initial investment: July 2012 (Fund III)

Foroil is a service company based in France providing production forecasts and development scenarios for mature hydrocarbon fields time in record time. Analysing how fields were produced over the years, Foroil's advanced mathematical tools can play millions of development scenarios to select the optimal one within months rather than years, resulting in at least 15% to over 50% increase in the hydrocarbon recovery factor over traditional scenarios.

Initial Investment: August 2006 (Fund II)

Africa Fortesa Corporation ("Fortesa") was formed in July 2006 to acquire certain subsidiaries of Fortesa International Inc.. In association with Société des Pétroles du Sénégal ("Petrosen"), Fortesa operates on-shore permits in Senegal producing natural gas and developing a natural gas market in the Dakar peninsula and exploring for oil following 11 offshore discoveries by international oil companies in 2015/2016. Fortesa also formed Africa Onshore Drilling S.A., a drilling services company which currently owns and operates two lands rigs in Senegal and other West African countries.

Initial Investment: February 2006 (Funds I and II)

Finoil is an Italian company located near Genoa (in North-Western Italy), which owns and operates the 1.9MT pa crude oil IPLOM refinery and is a wholesale distributor of refined products. Finoil operates in a strong regional market niche with optimal logistical flexibility (heavy-sour crude slate, middle distillate & bitumen product focus, neither gasoline production nor retail distribution). With a major upgrading completed in Q1, 2012, Iplom operates one of the most modern refineries in Europe designed to optimize middle distillate and bitumen production. Finoil also owns and operates 20 service stations concentrated in Nothern Italy.


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